“Urban Seekers” – the new employer brand campaign launched by Societe Generale European Business Services comes with a new challenge

September 12, 2019, Bucharest – Societe Generale European Business Services (SG EBS) announces a new employer branding campaign called Urban Seekers, in the form of a treasure hunt contest. The competition will be held on October 19 in Bucharest and addresses to people who would like a job within the company and who want to enjoy a challenging competition at the same time.

The new campaign comes with a unique concept, designed for people who want to demonstrate their organizational and practical skills, their strategic thinking and ability to work as a team, but who also want to take part in an urban adventure with their friends. Urban Seekers is also surprising to those looking for a job through a unique employment experience.

“Through our new campaign we aim to find those suitable colleagues with analytical thinking and team spirit who are looking forward to new challenges, but also those who want to feel good with friends or make some new ones. The campaign reflects some of our company’s values such as responsibility, commitment, attraction for innovation and team spirit, and presents a small part of the SG EBS culture and our practice. Basically, Urban Seekers is an original alternative to an employment experience”, said Daniela Vercellino, HR Director SG EBS.

The prizes are 10 electric scooters for the first place, 100 rides with the electric scooter for the second place and 50 rides for the third place. The rides are valid one year from the end of the competition. All those interested can register on the platform

The jobs offered by the company are in the IT, Compliance, Finance and HR fields and can be found at

SG EBS employees benefit from various advantages and development opportunities such as access to innovation, balance between personal and professional life through the opportunity to work from home for 2 days a week, access to an international community – as part of a group with over 150,000 employees – as well as the possibility to participate in important projects in the CSR field.