Internal Startup Call interviu

We are delighted to announce that Internal Startup Call is a great success for our colleagues involved in the project.

Among the 6 internal startups which are accelerating, 4 are already working with head office on their incorporation, from which 2 are our SG EBS start-ups.

All across the group, only 6 internal startups have reached this stage, proving the performance of our internal startups and the quality of the tailored acceleration.


Blow is a short interview with our colleague Mircea Deliu:

  1. Please give us a short summary of your journey through the Internal Start-up program.

The past few months have been an intensive journey in terms of acquiring new skills and know-how from various experts involved in the program. Aside from the Technical challenges that we encountered, we also had to deal with new topics like Financial Projections or Legal Issues.

Overall, this experience has meant leaving all comfort zones and becoming ready to embrace the unknown and deal with all sorts of uncertainties. Fortunately, we received guidance from the Accelerator and, as time went by, we gained more and more confidence in solving whatever problems might arise at any time.


  1. What do you think made your project become one of those that are now working with head office on their incorporation?

What I think made a decisive contribution was the ability to adapt and pivot among many initial hurdles, uncertainties and difficulties in explaining the project idea. As we moved on and identified new Business Use Cases, we discovered quite strong interest among Broadcasters and App Publishers as we hope to convince some of them to try to reconquer the Second Screen (more than 70% of viewers use their Smartphones while watching TV).


  1. What are your expectations regarding the implementation of this project?

On short term we want to deliver a working MVP by November and to implement a Pilot Project by the end of the year.


  1. What advice would you give to those who are interested in applying for the next Internal Startup program?

To trust their ideas, to work hard and to push forward until they reach the desired results. SG is open to innovation and I’m confident that everyone with a great idea will manage to transform it in a successful business.