SSC HR – Training

SSC HR – Training

Claudia CALIN

The workshop helped me understand that any improvement initiative or new idea applied in the working processes represent a component of the innovation as a mindset and culture of the organization. It must not always be something of major impact; even the small changes can make a whole difference.




The Demystifying innovation training will make you realize that in your daily work you can incorporate innovation. So in relation to my work activity, as learning and innovation go hand in hand, I consider the workshop to be as a key instrument that encourages innovation.

Carmen Oprea – 1st employee Corporate Functions

Carmen Oprea

My experience in SG EBS meant a lot of emotions, joy and the chance to participate in a very nice project.

Alexandra Ioan – 1st employee in SSC COP

Alexandra Ioan

I would call it an innovation to my professional life, because I had to give up the 8 years of Finance and focus on a new area – market analysis.

Ionela Francu – 1st employee in SSC IT

Ionela Francu

Here is the place where I grew and evolved, so this makes it my soul company

Camelia Stroe – 1st employee in SG EBS

1st employee in SG EBS

SG EBS means to me a lot of beautiful people, passionate about their job and willing to permanently develop themselves. I indentified myself among these people and in this environment that encourages freedom in both thinking and expressing.

Mihaela Vasiliu – 1000th employee in SG EBS

Mihaela Vasiliu

I came here expecting a really positive team – and that’s how it is indeed!

Nicoleta Zevedei – The 500th employee in SG EBS

Nicoleta Zevedei – The 500th employee in SG EBS

Nicoleta Zevedei

15th of April 2015 was the day I joined this dynamic, professional and friendly team. Evolution is the word that describes best the 2 years spent in this company.

Daniela Bebe – 1st employee in SSC FIN

Daniela Bebe – 1st employee in SSC FIN

This job was a challenge for me and I admit that I was nervous when I accepted the offer, but I’m glad that I’ve risked and today I’m part of a really great company, in which I find a really friendly atmosphere and also a good environment for my development.

Nicoleta Apetrei – CRM & Business Development Deputy Director

Nicoleta Apetrei

Our custommers come first and we do belive in the custommers satisfaction.

Guillaume MACCZAK – Europe Accounting & Reporting Director

Guillaume MACCZAK – Europe Accounting & Reporting Director

Guillaume MACCZAK

Joining SG EBS, I discovered a young, highly dynamic and talented pool of people, handling very complex financial reportings going from local accounting to European Central Bank’s requests for businesses such as Corporate Investment Banking, Prime Brokerage, Private Banking or Asset Management. This is an exception in a very retail banking oriented market as Romania can be

Alina Carticioiu – Project Manager Transition&Continuous Improvement

Alina Carticioiu – Project Manager Transition&Continuous Improvement

We are committed to improve internal process to deliver operational excellence through Lean Six Sigma approach.

Nicoleta Filipescu – Internship la SG EBS

Nicoleta Filipescu

The internship at SG EBS was a complete experience! In the 4 months of internship I had the chance to learn the entire recruiting process, I experienced what working in a multinational company means and what attitude is required in a professional work environment like SG EBS. Besides that, I had a really friendly welcoming. The atmosphere here is different from all the other internships I was involved in and that makes my job a pleasant place to come to.

Camelia Stroe – Head of Quality & Control Monitoring Team

Camelia Stroe

The Societe Generale Group develops its business in a spirit of respect for fundamental human and workers rights and also, respect for the environment.

Liviu Smarandoiu Transition & Operations Manager

Liviu Smarandoiu

Right from the RFP process, we share the same level of information with each candidate, and we verify that candidates are not financially dependent on their contracts with our Group. As we consider our supplier relationships to be long-term partnerships, we endeavour to provide maximum visibility throughout the collaboration.